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*Serving up ice cream and custard at fairs, festivals, and corporate events throughout Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin.*

Tim has always been an ice cream lover
and an entrepreneur at heart!

About Us

Contact Us if you are looking for a ice cream vendor
for your next big event or visit us at one of our
upcoming events!

All Natural
Ice Cream!

of all ages enjoy
Ice Cream & Custard
on a
Warm Summer

In the mid 80's Tim got his first "taste" of the ice cream business when he opened an independent store with his family.  A second store opened shortly thereafter.
The ice cream was made right in each store in small batch freezers. Today Tim has gone mobile and participates in various outdoor events throughout southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois serving up delicious ice cream and custard.

Tim Skoumal

Tim prides himself in serving a quality product and maintaining  a clean, safe and well organized operation. When Tim isn't scooping ice cream he enjoys hiking, biking, canoeing, fishing and learning to play the guitar!

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Kool Kat Ice Cream Catering Service Area

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