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Consider Kool Kat

Ice Cream For:

Art and Craft Fairs
Seasonal Festivals
Flea Markets   Car Shows
Farmer's Markets

Promotional Events
Corporate Picnics


Over 10 Flavors
of Ice Cream available:

Chocolate, Strawberry,
Vanilla Custard, Butter Pecan,
Blue Moon, Mint Chocolate Chip, New York Cherry, Bubble Gum,
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,
Cookies and Cream
and many more!!

The "KOOLEST"mobile ice cream business around!
Kool Kat Ice Cream has been serving up delicious ice cream and custard since 2009. Our mobile business has taken us to events throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Welcome to Kool Kat Ice Cream!

*Our ice cream cart holds 6 different flavors and is NSF Food Safety
Certified. We pride ourselves on a clean, well organized booth.

All permits and licenses are current.

Waffle Cones,
Sugar & Cake Cones, Cups

Contact Us if you are looking for a ice cream vendor
for your next big event or visit us at one of our
upcoming events!

All Natural
Ice Cream!

of all ages enjoy
Ice Cream & Custard
on a
Warm Summer

Assorted Toppings:

Real Bacon Bits!

Nestles Crunch, Andes Candies,
Snickers, Brownie Bits,
Crushed Pretzels,
Reeses Peanut Butter Bits,
Oreo Crumbs,
Rainbow Sprinkles
& Gummy Bears!


*Serving up ice cream and custard at fairs, festivals, and corporate events throughout Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin.*

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Northern Illinois Art Show


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